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What are the EntrepreneurXXI Awards?

They are the boost that your company needs, that will enable you to grow and achieve your goals. We want to reward talent and the ability to provide a solution to the challenges of the future, which is why we are looking for start-ups like yours and helping them to aim higher.

The EntrepreneurXXI Awards are an initiative driven by CaixaBank through DayOne with the collaboration of Enisa in Spain and Banco BPI in Portugal.

Who can participate?

The EntrepreneurXXI Awards are aimed at technological and digital companies that stand out for their ability to innovate and their high growth potential. We want your idea to help shape the future and this is why we provide two broad categories in which you can enter if your start-up meets the requirements below.

Award categories

You’re getting closer to gaining the boost that you need for your project. In addition to visibility, recognition and access to important contacts, the winning companies will receive cash prizes and international guidance. Your start-up could be one of the 35 winners!

Regional Award

Presented to the best company in each region, regardless of the sector.

EntrepreneurXXI Challenges Award

Awarded to the companies with the greatest potential for providing a solution to the challenges posed.


The digital transformation of the financial sector.


The cities of the future: more sustainable, safer, more connected and adapted.


Environmental sustainability: a better planet for the new generations.


Digital transformation and innovation in the agri-food sector.


Guaranteeing active ageing and a long, healthy life through technology.


Digitalisation, new business models and reactivation of the hotel sector, catering, tourism and leisure.

Rewarding your talent:


training programme

Support in

Investors Day


Long-standing awards

Fifteen years ago, we came up with this idea to help innovative individuals to make their dreams come true by providing equal opportunities throughout Spain. To date, we have helped more than 340 companies to grow thanks to the EntrepreneurXXI Awards.



More than 6,7 M


More than 340

winning companies

15th award ceremony calendar

Follow this unique edition of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards and keep up to speed with each of the stages.

Application stage

2 November to 10 December

Project assessment

13 December to 30 January

Award ceremony (Regional category)

1 March to 30 April

Award ceremony (Challenges category)

6 June to 8 June

EntrepreneurXXI Investors Day

June 2022

International training

July 2022

Influencer kit

Can you help us to enable even more innovative individuals to have a chance of winning an EntrepreneurXXI Award? You can download our campaign materials here and help us by spreading the word.


Access to all the contents (presentations, round tables, interviews) of the Day One Innovation Summit and the territorial delivery acts of the Emprendedor XXI Awards:

Vídeos destacados 14ª edición

DayOne Innovation Summits

Entrevistas ganadores 14ª edición

The EntrepreneurXXI Awards in first person

Sónia Ferreira CEO of BestHealth4U
PEXXI20 winner for Norte e Centro (Portugal)

This award helped to put BestHealth4U on the map, fostering contact with the market, both for the business itself, through potential clients and investors, and in terms of collaboration with R & D institutions and hospitals. As founding CEO, my visibility and credibility increased as far as institutions and investors were concerned, as did my nominations for a number of awards.

Carlos Uraga CEO & Co-founder of Nantek
Winner of the PEXXI19 Impact Tech award

My experience of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards has been extremely fulfilling. As entrepreneurs with very different profiles whose paths do not usually cross, we have been able to learn a lot from each other. What’s more, we’ve had the chance to get to know in depth the ecosystem of Estonia, the country with the most Unicorn companies per capita.

María González CEO & Co-founder of Tucuvi
PEXXI20 winner for Madrid and WellbeingXXI

I would highlight two aspects of participating in EntrepreneurXXI. On the one hand, spending time with other entrepreneurs is always very enriching. And, on the other hand, getting to know first hand how business ventures are evolving in other countries. The immersion in Estonia, a country that is considerably more digitised than Spain, gave me another perspective of how to do things and plan in the long term.

Miguel Silva-Constenla CEO & Co-Founder of AllRead Machine Learning Technologies
PEXXI20 winner for Catalonia and DeeptechXXI

What I most value about the EntrepreneurXXI Awards is the enormous visibility that it gives us in terms of investors, public entities and clients. It has given us great visibility on a national scale and has confirmed that what we are doing at AllRead has a real future.

dayOne is a service created by CaixaBank to support young companies that are rapidly evolving on a worldwide scale whilst carrying out activities that add value using their own funds.

 In addition, learn about the reports and publications on the entrepreneurial ecosystem published by DayOne at DayOne Observatory.


How are the winners chosen?

The first stage reviews the eligibility of the candidacies. The candidacies that do not meet the legal bases or which have not presented the required documentation are ruled out from the process.

Later, all the candidacies are scored. All the evaluators have evaluation tables that specify the criteria to be assessed and the scores to be assigned based on said criteria. The candidacies are reviewed by several evaluators. Once the candidacies have been evaluated, rankings are created by category of challenges and these are sent to the different selection bodies.

Each award has an independent selection process. This means that there will be 50 technical committees and juries to select the 35 regional winners and of the challenges. This phase requires the candidates to present and defend their application in person before the committee or jury either in person or virtual.

Who is on the juries?

The different Technical Committees and the juries are formed by members of the innovation ecosystem: investors (venture capital funds and business angels), successful entrepreneurs, prestigious businessmen, previous award winners, representatives from universities and business schools, organising and collaborating entities in the different territories, and representatives of the granting entities.

How is the cash prize paid out?

The cash prizes are paid out by bank transfer to a current account held by the winning company opened in CaixaBank (Spain) or Banco BPI (Portugal). We inform you that these prizes paid by Caixa EmprendedorXXI are considered income from economic activities (not derived from participation in games, contests or raffles) subject to corporation tax.

Do the Awards cover other costs?

The organisation covers the travel costs to Barcelona for one representative of each finalist company of the phase EntrepreneurXXI Challenges Award called by the sector committees and juries. The costs for the other trips associated with the territorial awards are to be covered by the participants.

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