The most outstanding and innovative companies will not only win cash prizes, but they will gain visibility, contacts and the international training they need to continue to evolve. Will your start-up be one of them?

Start-Up AwardsXXI

Regional Award

The Regional Award is intended for innovative technological micro-enterprises and SMEs in any sector of activity, broken down by territory. Any company in a territory may opt for this award, regardless of its sector.

The 17 companies winning the regional competition in Spain (one winning company in each autonomous community) and the 2 winning companies in Portugal (one winning company in each region) will be recognised as companies with high growth potential in their territory.

Start-Up AwardsXXI Challenges Award

The Start-Up AwardsXXI Challenges Award is exclusively intended for micro-enterprises and SMEs that provide solutions to the different challenges posed.

The 6 winning companies (one winning company for each challenge) will be recognised as the companies that have presented the best solution for the challenge posed. One finalist will be selected for each challenge and will also receive prizes.


The digital and technological transformation of the financial sector.

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Digitalisation and product and service innovation are one of the main strategic challenges of the financial sector, as well as being the biggest specialist area in customer segments: the over 65s, millennials, tech companies, businesses. Within the scope of this challenge, we will reward innovative solutions that add value to the range of products and services in the financial sector (banking and insurance).
Potential sectors: Fintech, insurtech, legaltech, payment methods, regtech, cybersecurity, connectivity & data, blockchain, etc.



The cities of the future: more sustainable, safer, more connected and adapted.

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We are looking for value propositions that focus on how to make the towns and cities we live in more sustainable (climate change, green energy, smart mobility, healthy air), safer (cybersecurity, traffic free), more connected (data, mobility, IoT, smart buildings) and with adapted mobility.
Potential sectors: cleantech, energy, proptech, mobility, cybersecurity, connectivity and data, etc.



Environmental sustainability: a better planet for the new generations.

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Sustainability as the lever of action against environmental issues and the challenge of slowing climate change. We want to find the best solutions that can help us to leave a better planet behind for the new generations, help our forests and oceans, and actively fight against plastic waste by finding alternative materials. Innovative proposals that will help to find the best solution to the challenges posed in the search of a lifestyle that is less aggressive towards natural resources.
Potential sectors: cleantech, recycling, energy, sustainability, etc.



Digital transformation and innovation in the agri-food sector.

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We are looking for technological solutions related with agriculture and livestock production, technology and products for the agri-food industry, the transformation and creation of agricultural and food products to be able to establish more efficient, effective, sustainable and healthy production in the food and agricultural industry.
Potential sectors: agriculture, food, health, SaaS, machinery, biotech, etc.



Guaranteeing active ageing and a long, healthy life through technology.

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We want to guarantee active ageing and a long, healthy life through technology.
Potential sectors: agetech, life sciences, e-health, reduced mobility, senior tourism, sports, medical devices, fitness, etc.



Digitalisation, new business models and reactivation of the hotel sector, catering, tourism and leisure.

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One of the sectors that is suffering most from the Covid-19 crisis is the tourism and hospitality sector. In this category we are looking for solutions that help to reactivate the sector, new innovative and more sustainable business models, and solutions that contribute towards its digitalisation.
Potential sectors: tourism, hotels, catering, travel, retail technology, leisure, VR/AR, etc.


Cash prize


for each regional winner


for the winner of each challenge


for the winner of the second prize in the Social Impact category


for the winner of the second prize in the DeepTech category

We know that money isn’t everything

That’s why, as well as the cash prize, you will have access to different programmes that will help you to grow in every way:

International<br>guidance programme

guidance programme

Access to the programme “Moonshot Thinking for entrepreneurs” taught by teaching staff from ESADE and experts from Silicon Valley, at some of the main global innovation hubs.

Support<br>in innovation

in innovation

The awards feature the support of the Embassy of Israel in Spain and the Ministerio Adjunto e da Economia and the Agência Nacional da Inovaçao of Portugal, who award a second prize for innovation.

Start-Up AwardsXXI Investors Day

Start-Up AwardsXXI Investors Day

The winning companies will be invited to this conference where they will meet the main corporates and investors in the sphere of innovation.

AlumniXXI Community

AlumniXXI Community

This initiative combines a virtual community with face-to-face meetings and will help to strengthen relationships and create synergies between the award winners and the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.

DayOne Open<br>Innovation Programme

DayOne Open
Innovation Programme

Through this initiative, a company will be selected to collaborate in one of the CaixaBank group’s business areas. The company selected from each challenge posed will carry out a proof of concept or a pilot project with CaixaBank.

Furthermore, just by entering the Start-Up AwardsXXI, you will have access to 3 training sessions in the form of webinars relating to some of the most popular subjects such as financing, storytelling and leadership.

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