DayOne AlumniXXI

A community full of opportunities.

What is DayOne AlumniXXI?

The community DayOne AlumniXXI was created for the founders of the start-ups awarded throughout the history of the Start-Up AwardsXXI as a place where they can exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.

This initiative combines a virtual community with face-to-face meetings and will help to strengthen relationships and create synergies between the award winners and the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.

What are the community’s goals?


To create a community of Start-Up AwardsXXI winners to encourage networking and communication among professionals with similar profiles and the same concerns.


To provide a simple, accessible area in which entrepreneurs play the leading role and can exchange knowledge, services and ideas, and advertise vacancies.


To provide all of its members with access to business opportunities, contacts and investments outside of the community.

What will you find inside the community?

In our community there is room to discuss, share and access different opportunities. Within the DayOne AlumniXXI community on Slack, you will find six channels, each focusing on a specific theme:


General channel for keeping up to date with news related to entrepreneurship.


Designed to improve the running of the community and to receive feedback from members on initiatives and dynamics.


Specifically created for searching for profiles, advertising vacancies and connecting with other professionals.


Exclusively for information on access to investment (business angels, venture capital, corporates) and business opportunities.


Channel where you can share your projects and ideas and receive feedback from other professionals.


A place where community members can get to know each others’ likes, inspirations and hobbies. The most down-to-earth and chilled channel.

If you have won an Start-Up AwardsXXI


If you’re already a member of DayOne AlumniXXI


In person

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