Meet the Referentes4Tomorrow. Like Marc Coloma, from Heura, we are looking for entrepreneurs capable of becoming leaders in their sector in the future


Heura (Foods for Tomorrow) was the winner of the EmprendeXXI Awards in the regional category of Catalonia and in the sectorial category (AgroFood sector) in 2019, and today it becomes a Referente4Tomorrow.

Heura is the first product of Foods for Tomorrow, which creates meat products with 100% plant-based ingredients, with fibrous and meaty textures. The company, hosted in one of Barcelona Activa's incubators, aims to tackle the challenges of the current food system by offering proteins with a positive impact on the world through sustainable, nutritious, and delicious foods. Currently, their products are available in more than 2,000 points of sale and are present in over 10 countries.

You can watch the full interview here: 


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