2. Which awards can I apply for?

By sending in your candidacy, you are choosing to compete for these awards.

  • Company with high impact in your territory, with a €5,000 prize and an international development programme. All companies in a territory compete for this award, regardless of their sector. This contest grants 19 awards. In Spain an award is granted for each of the 17 Autonomous Communities and two awards are granted in Portugal (one award for the North/Central Area, and another for Lisbon/South and the Islands).
  • Company with high growth potential in your sector, with a €15,000 prize and an international business development programme. All companies in a sector compete for this award in Spain and Portugal. Five awards are granted in the following 5 sectors: AgroFood, Health, Senior, Mobility, Impact.
  • Second prizes granted by the Agência Nacional da Inovaçao through the BFK Awards in Portugal with a €5,000 prize for a Portuguese company.
  • The EntrepreneurXXI Awards, through CaixaBank DayOne, will launch the “DayOne Open Innovation” programme in the last quarter of 2019. The aim of this programme is to select a company from each sector vertical in which the challenge will be to carry out a pilot programme with a CaixaBank group business line. The company selected from each sector will receive €15,000 to carry out a pilot project with CaixaBank.