14. What is evaluated?

The following criteria will be taken into account when evaluating candidates:

  • Team: Commitment, dedication, and risk assumed by the entrepreneurial team; suitability of the team’s experience/training to the needs of the business; completeness of the team and capacity to attract talent; motivation; existence of Boards of Directors and the profile of the experts, etc.
  • Business model: Value chain and monetisation of the business model; competition analysis; capacity to attract customers; commercial and marketing plan; potential and capacity for globalisation; capacity or probability of having the necessary resources to implement the business plan; internal and historical coherence of financial projections, etc.
  • Ambition: Size and growth projection of the accessible market; scalability; existing and expected competition; concentration of customers; ambition and strength of sales projections; expected gross margin; job creation, etc.
  • Innovation: Level of innovation of the product or service; suitable analysis of customer needs; competitive advantages and barriers to entry; positioning with respect to competition, etc.
  • History: Revenue and/or financing achieved; results obtained with respect to the resources employed, etc.

For the Awards to the best company in its territory, in addition to the criteria above, the company’s link to and impact on the territory will be evaluated. For the awards to the best company in its sector, we will also evaluate the impact of the company’s project on transforming its sector as well as how the value proposal fits into the sector to which they are applying.