In order to present an application for the EntrepreneurXXI Awards, candidate companies must meet the following requirements:

  • Be companies incorporated as a profit-seeking legal entity (S.A., S.L., Employee-owned companies, Cooperatives, Business Partnerships)
  • Have a tax address in Spain or Portugal.
  • Have started their activity subsequent to 1 January 2014.
  • The founding partners must lead and work primarily in the company.
  • The award is directed at micro-companies and SMEs in the following sectors:
    • Life Sciences: Therapeutics, Diagnosis, and Development of medical technologies.
    • Information Technology: Big Data, Cybersecurity and Security, Enterprise software, Fintech, Internet of Things, and Telecommunications.
    • Digital Business: Digital Media and Education, E-Commerce and Marketplaces, E-Employment, E-Health, E-Tourism, Gaming, and Mobile.
    • Industrial Technology: Cleantech, Energy, Waste management, Chemical products and materials, and Industrial products and services.
    • Food and Agriculture: Agricultural production, Technology and products for the agricultural industry, Transformation and development of agricultural and food products.
  • The contest is intended for companies with a high innovative component, innovation being understood in a broad context (products, processes, business model, etc.).

The following are explicitly excluded:

  • self-employed individuals or freelancers
  • companies considered large according to the European Commission (that have more than 250 workers and have more than 50 million Euro in annual revenue or their annual balance sheet exceeds 43 million Euro), or those that have more than 25% of their capital held by one or more companies considered large according to the definition above.

Companies that have won in previous editions may not apply for the same award, but can present an application for and compete in other categories and for the second place prize.