A total of 26 companies will be awarded in this edition of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards.

In addition to the visibility, recognition and access to leading contacts, the winning companies earn cash prizes and international accompaniment activities:

To the best company in your territory…

The 17 companies winning the regional competitions in Spain (1 winning company in each autonomous community) and the 2 winning companies in Portugal (1 winning company in each region) will be recognised as companies with the greatest growth potential in their territory and will receive:

  • A financial contribution of €5,000.

To the company with the greatest impact in your sector…

The 6 nationwide winning companies (1 winning company from each sector) will be recognised as companies with the highest growth potential in their sector and will receive a financial contribution:

  • €25,000 to the winner in Agro Tech
  • €25,000 to the winner in Tourism Tech
  • €25,000 to the winner in Fin&Insur Tech
  • €25,000 to the winner in Commerce Tech
  • €25,000 to the winner in Health Tech
  • €25,000 to the winner in Impact Tech

In addition to the monetary endowment for the prize, the 19 companies that win the territory prize, the 6 companies that win the sector prize (1 winning company in each sector), and the 12 sector finalists (2 companies from each sector) will have access to an international guidance programme.

The companies must fill out a request that will be evaluated by a Selection Committee made up of academics from the ESADE business school. This committee will select a maximum of 15 companies that will take part in an international development programme organised with Singularity University in Silicon Valley. All other companies will have access to the international Ignite Fast Track course from Cambridge University.

Second prize in innovation

The Israeli Embassy in Spain grants a second prize in innovation that comes with a one-week training program in Israel organised by the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.